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Rare & Hard To Find High Vibration Crystals From Around The World

This section holds Rare Hard to find & high vibrational Crystals from all over the World, each one of our crystals are personally selected by hand for quality, uniqueness, color, formation, healing energies and magical properties

For crystal collectors and therapists seeking the highest vibration stones for deep meditation and healing work - this is the place to start your search. We carry a wide selection of Moldavite, Azeztulite, as well as many other highly sought after crystals. Please contact us for details if what you are looking for is not yet on the website as we have a such a huge range that we are unable to list them all in a short space of time.
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crystal angel wing (amethyst) one of a kind
Plancheite Rare Crystal Tumblestone
Celestite/Celestine Natural Cluster. "Angel Stone"
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Scottish Marble Green Man Carving /oak king /celtic god of nature /merlin
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Shattuckite Green Man Carving / oak king /celtic god of nature /merlin
Ruby Aura Flame Crystal Cluster (lemurian)
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Super Large (fine grade) Ruby Aura Flame Crystal Cluster
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Ruby Aura Flame Crystals
Ruby Rose Aura Flame Quartz Mother & Child + Time link Crystals
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Sacred Chakra Crystal Pyramid
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Rare Amethyst Crystal Flower Stalactite Slice Pendant
low in stock! SOLD OUT
Aurora / Rainbow Quartz Anandalite™ Cluster
low in stock! Just 1 left in stock!