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Scottish Marble Green Man Carving /oak king /celtic god of nature /merlin

24 low in stock! SOLD OUT

Green & white/grey marble from the ancient lands of Scotland carved by hand- the carving resembles the Green Man/oak king/Celtic god of nature/Merlin

how you see the carving depends on the energy you are connecting with.

This is the last of the green men carvings we have in Scottish green marble, we recently visited Scotland and we took this little beauty with us on a visit to St Giles church in Edinburgh around Samhain, the church has Scottish marble floor times please see the last photo

pound coin used to show scale
approx 27mm in diameter
please note there veins and cracks that are totally natural to the stone, this does not mean it is damaged/broken
the picture is the actual crystal you will receive

How does Marble feel energetically
scottish marble feels very much energetically like preseli bluestone (stonehenge) not in vibration but in a similar vein to how i have previously worked with bluestone, to me it's like being able to tap into those ancient times and connecting with our ancestors and the land when i'm working with this crystal. I also feel this crystal possess a merlin energy which makes sense to me as he worked so much with the elements of nature and this is certainly a crystal of nature, carved into the ultimate symbol of the king of nature himself the green man, maybe the green man and merlin are one of the same!?

for more information on the healing properties of Scottish marble click here to read our blog

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