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Crystal healing singing bowls

Our crystal singing bowls are made of pure powdered quartz crystals which are heated to several thousand degrees. The heating integrates the individual particles of the quartz powder and a bowl is formed. They are then individually tuned to a specific musical note. The size of the bowl affects the pitch: a small bowl produces a much higher pitched note than the note produced by a large bowl. In general higher pitches have an uplifting, cleansing effect whilst lower pitches tend to be more relaxing and grounding. We all respond differently to particular sounds we have bowls for each of the main chakras.

sound healing is a powerful tool to shift away blocked energies enabling a re balancing on all levels, crystal singing bowls can also clear a space energetically and also clear objects such as crystals
a crystal bowl can be a great assistant for a healer and healing rooms
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Crystal Singing Bowl F#-tone Heart 4th Chakra - 3 sizes to choose from
Large Crystal Singing Bowl F-tone Heart Chakra (selection of sizes)
Crystal Singing Bowl B-tone Crown 7th Chakra -5 sizes to choose from
Crystal Singing Bowl C and C# tone Grounding for the 1st Root Chakra - (many sizes to choose from)
Crystal Singing Bowl D tone for the 2nd chakra sacral
Crystal Singing Bowl E tone for the 3rd chakra solar plexus
Crystal Singing Bowl G tone for the 5th Throat Chakra
Crystal Singing Bowl A tone for the 6TH THIRD EYE/BROW Chakra
Crystal & Metal Singing Bowls rubber beater
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Crystal singing bowls Chakra colors SET + professional cases
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Crystal singing bowls Chakra SET 7 + padded case
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Crystal singing bowls Chakra SET 1, 7 bowls. set no 2
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Carrier Travel Bag for crystal singing bowls
Tibetan singing bowl Chö-pa
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