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posted on 10 September 2015 | posted in massage/aromatherapy  | ( 0 ) Comments

Here at Crystal Angel Wings we offer bespoke therapies tailored to your individual needs

here we have listed our carefully blended mostly organic aromatherapy essential base oils that you may wish to experience the delights and healing properties not just for the skin & scalp our hair can reap the amazing effects of essential oils , for added potency we do our best to only use organic essential oils

to book a massage with us or discuss your oil requirements please contact us here

for a deeper holistic healing maybe combine with your massage with angelic reiki or crystal healing?

most of the oils we use are organic, but if you wish to be a 100% organic please let us know

  • Sweet Almond Oil
Image result for sweet almond oil

excellent moisturizer for skin and hair
helps to soothe and reduce inflammation
useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis
not suitable for nut allergy sufferers

  • Apricot or peach kernel

Image result for peach
nourishing and moisturizing to the skin
dry skin and eczema
relieve itching

  • Avocado

Image result for avocado
excellent moisturizer
penetrates deeper into the epidermis than most other oils
skin healing properties and helps reduce inflammation, useful for psoriasis and eczema
helps to prevent premature ageing of the skin

  • Evening primrose oil

Related image
Useful for dry scaly skin
helps wounds to heal

  • Grape seed

Image result for grapeseed oil
  • moisturizing to the skin
useful if you prefer a less greasy oil

  • wheatgerm
Image result for wheatgerm oil
dry skin
ageing skin softening to the skin acts as a call regeneration

  • Jojoba
Image result for jojoba

good for moisturizing the skin and hair
helps relieve inflammation
excellent for acne, eczema, psoriasis and arthritis
controls the release of sebum is useful for seborrhoea skin conditions (eczema caused by very oily skin)

  • Rosehip
Image result for rosehip

high in antioxidants giving so many anti aging benefits, rejuvenates the skin, a good oil for use in facials


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