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Crystal Angel Wings Shop Appointments FAQ Lockdown/Restrictions

posted on 7 December 2020 | posted in information. FAQ  | ( 0 ) Comments

2020 has been an unusual year, and like many our usual business operations have been disturbed (putting it lightly)

Coming out of the November lockdown and our area still within tier 3 we have been unable to fully open - appointment's face to face is still on hold.

If you have visited us before you will be aware that Crystal Angel wings shop & Therapy room is part of a family home which means whilst we are still in tier 3 we are unable to open our doors to our usual services

Services that are still available in person...
We may not be able to welcome you inside but kerbside collection and safe place collections are still available

if you are visiting for certain items please let us know what they are so we can make them available to you to view before your appointment or collection

All our items are not on site always contact before traveling

Viewing items without traveling
some items are available to view on the website (most of our crystal items are not on the web but we will add as time permits)
we have photos and videos of lots of our crystal ranges covering all forms we do hope to add these to the website in due time
we can also arrange video shopping appointments at a mutual convenient time

Distance Healings are still being given
since the restrictions started our distance healing sessions have changed and have taken on a dimension of their on in these strange times,

depending on which therapy is requested.

Distance therapy sessions for Crystal Angel Wings is more time consuming and often is rather insightful due to being able to deeply channel without being also semi present for in-person treatments, so a lot more psychic messages come through. when crystals are used Tracy will also write up for you your own individual therapy journal of your treatment time including pictures of the crystal used and of what was experienced which can include- insights, advice and messages from loved ones and guides. Every treatment is different and of course, unknown till the therapy takes place, so there is often a delay in sending the treatment journal after the treatment is given due to extra work involved creating the healing journal itself.

we are still only charging the same rate for a distance healing as our usual hours treatment in-person this is super value when the full distance healing can take on averaged of 3-4 hours to completion, currently there has been no extra charge for this extra service in these difficult times throughout this year,
this will change soon though and will become an extra selectable option to the distance healing treatment

In-Person Therapies
whilst under restriction therapies in person are on hold, any postponed appointments will be carried out as soon as we can fully open or can be transferred to distance healing if needed sooner

We are taking provisional appointments for January/February but we are also aware a lockdown could be on the cards


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