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Mind Body & Spirit events & shows crystal angel wings will be displaying/healing at, free gifts & special offers

for free moon readings (see facebook post) sign up for my newsletter after you have confirmed your subscription if i have already given you your moon sign please send me your sun sign and your moon for a free reading. if you only know your sun sign let me know this and email me your full date of birth and i will work out your moon sign for you

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I offer a range of freebies along with my sacred biz from free healing, tips and tricks for living a spiritual life, short readings, including moon readings sometimes these offers are on my facebook page but the majority is sent direct to my newsletter subscribers as a super uber big thank you for their support

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your personal information is never shared or sold its protected, you are special and your information is held in a sacred vault

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i have been running a free crystal healing grid on various conditions for a few months now, i will be sharing pictures of the grids soon click on my Facebook page if the conditions are the same as yours tag yourself and receive healing too

so check it out don't forget to like my FB page then you can keep updated with all my freebies as and when they are released , alternatively sign up for my newsletter ....then you will never miss anything

Have a crystal question sweet pea then send me a message.

i do my best to answer all questions when i receive a lot of the same questions i generally write a blog for a more in depth view for everyone, if you are already signed up for my free newsletter which will be packed with crystal goodies and spiritual food for the soul you will receive all new news as soon as its available

we love supporting & encouraging others here so if you have a charity you support let us know either on here or on facebook

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