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recommended books for crystal healing

here i list books i have read and personally recommend for you to read on spirituality and healing

The book of stones is a serious crystal book for those that are serious about learning about crystals, if you are a beginner i wouldn't recommend this one straight away it can seem complicated and overwhelming. This is a great book for those wanting to know some scientific properties, history and lore with over three hundred crystal beautifully illustrated each with a write up by both robert simmons and naisha ahsian. There is also information about the elemental energies, chakras and combining stones together There are two copies of this book, an older version published in 2005, and a newer one published in 2007.the 2005 version does not have reference index so if your looking for a stone say for energy or anything else you would wish to search for you will need the 2007 version, otherwise you would need to take notes.
if i was rating this book in age terms i would say its a adult compared to other crystal books its not quick to read its a book i love to sit down with on a cold long winters night and disappear into

when i first started on my path, my first teacher gave me a valuable lesson, this teacher really didnt rate judy hall to put it lightly so i avoided her books like the plague and went for the more adult books which i liked but really wasnt as helpful to me at the stage i was at, a beginner, one day i bought a crystal that i couldnt find listed in any of the great books i have, a friend i was visiting had the judy hall books and i thought what the hey i may as well have a look....and there it was the book was vol 2 which includes high vibration crystals i was very surprised at how easy her books are to read and take guidance from i had to carry on reading until i had completed the whole book its great for quick reference. if you are a beginner you will need to buy the first vol, the second and third contain more rarer and high vibration crystals. Each book also contains lots of interesting information on related topics like chakras, healing spreads etc

the moral to the start of my review is never disregard anything without looking at it for yourself and judy hall`s books is one of them. this book is good for a beginner and for the experienced