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Essential Oils .....bunch of helpful flowers or a bunch of hype?

posted on 23 May 2016 | posted in essential oils  | ( 0 ) Comments

What are essential oils....are they a bunch of hype?

You maybe wondering why so many people are turning to essential oils are the people that use essential oils just a bunch of hippies that believe in flower power or can they really improve you health & give you a better state of wellbeing plus fit into our busy everyday lives, or is it all really just new age hype?

I can understand your caution after all our health is one of the most precious gifts we own and is often taken for granted ,until things start to go wrong then it can be a long and hard journey to get our health back.
Our modern healthcare system should really be renamed to "sickcare"
true healthcare in my opinion should also be practised and made just as important and nurtured not just when we become sick, essential oils can help both in caring when you are sick and for strengthening and taking care of your fair/good health

*Herbs are often used for healing but did you know that essential oils are 50-70% stronger than herbs!*

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Essential Oils are extracted from flowers, seeds, bark, fruits and leaves of plants from all around the world, they each have certain medicinal benefits
(often you will find that modern medicines roots are linked to these age old cures)
They have been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures for health and wellness benefits.

Essential oils are volatile liquids distilled from plants and contain chemical constituents that help to protect the plant by regenerating the plant and communicating from the plant to its predators. These same chemical constituents help us in the same way. So, Essential Oil's are not just fragrances, although some smell very pleasant, they are much more powerful and dynamic.
Just as essential oil constituents perform multiple functions in plants and insects, so they also do in mammals. Our bodies are biologically programmed to react to essential oil constituents, which interact with a variety of receptor sites, neurochemicals and enzymes, giving them a potential for therapeutic activity.
EO's are highly concentrated. In fact, they are 50-70 time more powerful than healing herbs!

Why would i use essential oils

They are a safe alternative to modern medicine, addressing the root cause of your health issues rather than modern day medicines that often just mask & manage symptoms.

unlike modern day medicines Generally essential oils have little to no negative side effects or addictions when they are used with care, they are safe for all ages.
Personally i've always prefered to choose and explore the natural before using any synthetic medicines


essential oils are a health or "sick" care alternative that you may not know about and the big drug companies would certainly like it to stay that way by ridiculing any information that would give you a choice or even a better way of naturally maintaining or improving your health not to mention the fact that billions are made by the big drug companies by keeping you on medication

if you've never been introduced to all the alternative thats out there how can you make an informed choice about your health that right for you personally!

Essential oils are completely natural and cannot be patented; which means that you'll never see an essential oil in a pharmaceutical drug. because of this you can expect that the vast majority of mainstream healthcare practitioners will never recommend essential oils as therapeutic alternatives to drugs. More importantly, because essential oils cannot be patented, drug companies will not waste money studying them. This limits our known scientific knowledge of essential oils GREATLY, and the majority of what we know about them are things that have been passed down through thousands of years of personal use and experimentation.

essential oils are more than nice scents they are nature's gifts to us these powerful plant extracts are your path to lifelong better wellness, energizing your life, help you to ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance,

we don't doubt that eating plants in our diet is good for our health, why wouldn't using them for our skin and respiratory system do us good too,

as an example Aloe Vera is a well know plant that is incredibly useful for us both inside and out

Image result for flowers of essential oils

Ultimately only YOU can decide if essential oils are just a bunch of flowery hype but before you do give them a fair trial you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome

If this blog has piqued your interest and you would like to discover more about essential oils please see our other blog entries or read how to use Essential oils by clicking here

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