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Magickal and Spiritual Healing Uses For Halite (healing salt)

posted on 11 March 2015 | posted in crystal formations  | ( 0 ) Comments

Magickal and Spiritual Uses of Halite

How Can Halite Assist Magical & Spiritual Healing ?

Halite which is a form of Salt has been used for purification and as an offering to the Gods for centuries. Most modern magical alters contain a dish of salt as standard equipment and many magic-users make it a practice to place a pinch of salt in the four corners of the room before beginning a ceremony in order to prevent negative influences from interfering.

In many magical traditions, it is considered important to purify or cleanse a space before any sort of ritual can take place. There are a several different ways of doing this, and how you do it will depend in part upon the rules or guidelines of your tradition. If you're a solitary, or your tradition is eclectic, then you may choose the method that works best for you.

Typically, when an area is ritually purified, it is done in a clockwise, or deosil, direction, but this may vary from one tradition to the next.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians offered their Gods salt and water during invocations.

Salt may be added to water to consecrate it and make it more like sea water "the womb of the Earth". This water may be used in a variety of ways but is often used to sanctify an area, person or item.


In some cases, you may wish to use asperging as a method of cleaning a space. Asperging means using liquid the power of water to purify the area. Although this is typically done by sprinkling consecrated water around the perimeter of the space.

Adding salt to water also combines the element of Earth with the element of Water. This salted water may be used in asperging ceremonies to purify an item, person or area with the energy of Earth and Water, often in combination with smudging to purify with the energy of Fire and Air.

According to a Shinto tradition in Japan, small piles of salt called morijio are placed near the doorway to ward off evil and attract business. Salt is also used as a purifying and protective agent in Shinto tradition.

Some believe that salt sprinkled across doorways and windowsills will prevent evil spirits from entering a home and that standing within a circle of salt will protect you from evil influences. i myself have placed a ring of salt around my bed to protect my energies at night from unwanted attention from less than positive spirits

Candle holders made of halite crystals are beautiful and useful in ritual.
Halite or salt crystals can be dissolved in bath water or combined with olive oil to create a salt scrub to use in ritual baths. Our in house healer Tracy creates a special blend of healing bath salts and herbs for her crystal and reiki healing clients and uses them herself, taking a salt bath is very cleansing for the aura and is especially useful for empaths and healers.

Halite crystals may also be added to mojo bags or sachets to use as talismans.

pink halite

Healing uses of Halite

halite is a mineral is forms cubic or isometric crystals that are usually white or clear but may show a variety of colors depending on the impurities the crystal contains.

White Halite - Grounding, cleansing, and protection. clears energetic blocks
Blue Halite- Cleanses the aura, stimulates the higher mind, psychic abilities
Pink Halite - Encourages peace, self love and inner clarity

Halite lamps are said to increase health and well being and to have an invigorating effect by creating more benificial ionizing of the air.

Halite crystals may be used to relieve mood swings, normalize emotions and reduce negative attitudes. It is also used to treat problems of the lower intestinal area, but isn't recommended during pregnancy.

Pink Halite is used to clear the heart chakra and encourage growth of tissues.
Indigo Halite is used to treat thyroid and other glandular problems.

Taking Care of Halite Crystals

Halite is a great absorber of stray energy and may need to be cleansed and recharged often. If they are not charged, halite crystals will just absorb whatever energy is around them.
Halite crystals may be cleansed by smudging, stored in a cloth they must be kept away from moisture. Halite will dissolve in water, one of my preferred ways to cleanse crystals is to use sound eg a crystal tuning folk

Salt used for banishing should not be reused but should be discarded. It can be thrown on a crossroads or tossed into running water to take the negative energy far away from you. Use only small amounts at a time because too much salt is not healthy for vegetation or animals.( i remember as a child we use to use salt as a weed killer )

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