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Crystals for Healing Mind Body & Spirit > crystal Rainbow light box display

Crystals for Healing Mind Body & Spirit  > crystal Rainbow light box display

Crystals are so beautiful you would think you couldn't add anymore to their beauty but guess what you can by displaying your crystal on one of our light boxes.
When you use a crystal light box you're getting a lot more than just a nice display, you will also be able to see the inner worlds of the crystal itself , you will be amazed how a crystal changes when you add rainbow coloured lights , colour is also a modality for holistic healing, using light with a crystal amplifies and expands the energy of the crystal and colour outwards into the surrounding space, wonderful for creating a peaceful and relaxing space for living or therapy rooms

so soothing & magical to view
if you're struggling to sleep, try watching a crystal displayed on a light box can ease you into a deep sleep
also great for anyone that suffers with anxiety and needs relief from stress

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LED Crystal Light Block - Coloured Light 5x8cm