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Articles - crystal healing

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Balancing Your Emotions With Aquamarine Crystal Healing

posted on 4 May 2019 in crystal healing

for me, Aquamarine has always reminded meof looking into a vast oceanin fact, its name means "water of the sea" and it clear the name fits this crystal perfectly, in ancient lore, it is said to be th...more info >>>

Shattuckite Crystal Healing & psychic development Properties "clairvoyants crystal"

posted on 19 August 2016 in crystal healing

shattuckite is an unusual crystal in that most of its healing properties are useful for those wishing to advance psychically and intuitively especially useful for developing mediums "a clairvoyants c...more info >>>

Scottish Marble - healing and spiritual development properties

posted on 24 July 2016 in crystal healing

Marble is not a usual crystal that jumps to mind when we thing of crystal healing or spiritual development so curious me thought it would be a good one to explore here are some of my discoveries, but ...more info >>>


posted on 24 March 2016 in crystal healing

If your new to crystals and to Crystal healing or you've heard a friend or loved one discussing about these wonderful shinny things your probably wondering DO CRYSTALS WORK & HOW DO CRYSTALS HEAL...more info >>>

Quartzite`s Mind Body & Spirit healing properties

posted on 18 March 2015 in crystal healing

Quartzite is a little talked about crystal but has some wonderful healing properties quartzite can help you to move forward in your personal journey of healing the mind body and spirit, as your life c...more info >>>

That mysterious green moss stuff in clear quartz ...all about chlorite

posted on 21 September 2014 in crystal healing

Chlorite is a green inclusion often found in quartz, every time i look at this fab mineral i feel the connection very strongly with nature its mossy lichen appearance brings to mind grounding and clea...more info >>>