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That mysterious green moss stuff in clear quartz ...all about chlorite

posted on 21 September 2014 | posted in crystal healing  | ( 0 ) Comments

Chlorite is a green inclusion often found in quartz, every time i look at this fab mineral i feel the connection very strongly with nature its mossy lichen appearance brings to mind grounding and cleansing ancient woods, fresh air and rejuvenation .....just take a moment to picture this feel and sense it with all your senses........
which in a nutshell is what this mineral is mainly all about cleansing and rejuvenating our being
ok now you should be feeling rejuvenated and ready for a bit of science, you can always skip the black text if you wish to return to more spiritual matters
chlorite quartz
Chlorite is the group name for about 10 related minerals. However, the term Chlorite can be used both to describe the group in general, or as a specific term to describe any green member of the Chlorite group whose exact identity is not practical to be determined. Chlorite is very common, and is often seen as green mineral coating the surface of more important minerals. Chlorite also forms as inclusions within other minerals, especially Quartz, where it makes the host mineral green and may even cause phantom growths. in general they occur in foliated (in geology refers to repetitive layering in metamorphic rocks the word comes from the Latin folium, meaning "leaf",) spherical masses or in layers and clouds often as phantoms. serefina a form of deep green chlorite is the main constituent of the very high vibrational healing stone seraphinite
colour : Light to dark green, grayish-green, black. Some rarer varieties are white, yellow, brown, pink and purple.
ok science bit over

chlorite is an excellent healer. You not only have the metaphysical properties of Quartz, but you have the metaphysical properties of the inclusion, and you also have the metaphysical properties of the combination of the inclusion and the Quartz together, It cleanses and purifies the energy centers in our body . clear quartz amplifies the purifying and detoxifying properties of the chlorite which makes it one of the best stones to use for physical cleansing it is also known to cleanse the aura, chakra and energymeridians quartz

mentally and emotionally a great piece to use when there is excessive anger or frustration, gently removing and dissipating the energy. Chlorite in Quartz will help to resolve issues of the heart and remove blockages and resistance that will allow one to acknowledge, forgive, release, and move forward.

Being a nature mineral Chlorite is also a wonderful stone to use to cleanse the environment its that breath of fresh air again especially useful in a grid for a sacred space, healing room or home/office. With Quartz, Chlorite can help to clear negativity.

during my continuing research i have found It is recommended to use a Quartz with Green Chlorite or a natural Quartz with Green Chlorite point placed point down in the toilet tank to energetically cleanse an entire home.
im not quite sure about the thinking and feeling about this. water yes is a amplifier and superconductor for crystal energy, in my home the tank is placed on the outer most wall of the house i really cant see how this would cleanse my home effectively i also feel the water would become charged but then you would just be flushing it away great for the water system but not so great for your home, of course some of us have more than one loo but again i personally feel this isnt very respectful for the crystal ,of course this is my own personally feelings on this and im not saying anything is wrong or right as always trust your own intuition.
if any one has tried this or wishes to try it please let me know about you experiences i would love to hear them

if the loo placement doesnt feel right for you too i do feel this would work just as well with a water feature placed ideally in the heart or centre of your home the energy will then radiate out in all directions if you are wanting to cleanse the whole house even a vase or a bowl of water would work just as well .change the water regular so it doesnt get yucky and your on your way

************i shall be trying this method myself to cleanse a room and shall update with results ***********

sept 2015 UPDATE i did find the chlorite crystal very helpful for clearing a space, instead of using a toilet system i had a spare aquarium i could test with, i personally felt the water had to be moving when i didn't have the pump engaged for a period of time i could feel the difference so for me personally the crystals need to be in moving water for the energetic vibrations to cleanse a space more effectively

combining with other crystals

Used with Amethyst, you can get rid of energy implants you do not want and heal the void left by the removal . These two crystals together are also useful against psychic attack.

crystals with chlorite crystal angel wing


Crystal Angel Wings


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