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crystal spheres for divination and healing

Divination, scrying ,crystal gazing
crystal balls have been used for many years as a divination tool for mediums and psychics. cut carved and polished they are great tools for meditation to focus the mind, anyone can use a crystal sphere for gazing it can take some time before you learn to relax and become open regular practice maybe needed , try not to beat yourself up if you dont get the results you would expect ... be patient try not to expect anything and relax. even if you dont experience anything for your first few sessions , the relaxation you achieved will have given you many benefits including reducing stress, relaxation is very important for good health and essential for psychic development . once you become relaxed, open and unexpectant you will find things start to happen alot more quickly.

many crystal gazers see images, including beautiful landscapes, faces and animals everyone is individual so you may or may not see the same there is no right or wrong

crystal spheres most commonly used for scrying are clear quartz and black obsidian depending on the size of the ball/sphere needed, larger spheres tend to be glass which creates a clear ball with no inclusions and traditionally the sphere used by fortune tellers

The healing properties of the crystal sphere
the energy radiates from the whole of the circumference of a crystal sphere / ball, this makes them ideal as a healing ornament as they can be displayed in any area without the need for direct touch or direct positioning
of course this isnt a excuse not to pick up your crystal sphere as its a excellent tactile tool.
i personally like to sleep with a crystal sphere above my head, my personally choice right now is a large selenite satin spar i find this a great tool for cleaning and clearing my energy at the end of the day, i have found it also helps me to remember my dreams

a crystal sphere for healing can be made from any crystal or mineral source