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Witches /Wicca's ritual tools & supplies > Ceremonial Staff / walking sticks

Witches /Wicca's ritual tools & supplies  > Ceremonial Staff / walking sticks

our range of beautiful detailed Bali Wooden Walking Sticks and Ceremonial Staffs

These wooden walking sticks are hand-carved by Balinese artisans. Carved by hand from Suar wood, bringing each detail to life our walking sticks are work of art.

Your will love them they're so majestic & magical. Each is slightly different due to the hand carving, therefore unique.(very collectable in fact we already have a set) .

Our Bali Wooden Walking Sticks and Ceremonial Staff can be used as decorative purpose or as a supportive walking accessory

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Ceremonial Staff Gothic Water Dragon with Wings
low in stock! SOLD OUT