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Witches /Wicca's ritual tools & supplies > spirit /pendulum boards

Witches /Wicca's ritual tools & supplies  > spirit /pendulum boards

Spirit talking boards also known as ouija boards are tools that have been used through history to attempt to help you commune with the dearly departed and when they first arrived on the scene people used them as part of the norm, through the years these boards have started to receive a bad reputation, most of the time the boards are quite safe but you do need to work with them with knowledge and respect
they can answer questions from the past present and future but when opening up to other energies always do your research first same for those you open your energies with when using the board.

Pendulum boards can be used in a similar way and are generally considered safer for and by muggles and curious folk the pendulum board also is beneficial for dowsing, for example you may wish for guidance on choosing a crystal or an essential oil,
our craft made boards can be custom made to suit your interests, energy and board purpose all our handmade boards are crafted by spiritual practitioners especially in the field of wiccan and shamanic and will carry an energy in the hand worked board that you just can't get from a manufactured piece
traditionally the board would of been wooden, wood can carry lots of energy and from a spiritual point of view is much more powerful if you have a type of board you would like to be created for you please contact us for further information
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