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Why burning candles is good for your holistic health & spiritual practice & why you may never buy a paraffin candle again!

posted on 12 April 2016 | posted in Holistic Healing  | ( 1 ) Comments

Lighting and burning an beeswax candle is a very old healing tradition & spiritual practise by many faiths that has been passed down through the ages, when you think about it we use candles for quite a lot of situations but is it also good for your health?

I will divulge more as we go but to start with, you maybe wondering what does holistic health mean and how can it make me healthier?

A very brief and simple explanation of what holistic healing is and feels like?

I'm gonna attempt to give a simple explanation and example of what holistic means & feels for healing,
human beings are a bit more complex than some would allow us to realise
but simply we have a spiritual side, mental, emotional and physical aspect

i'm sure you can remember a time you felt great, and i mean really great on every level and everything was just dandy in your world nothing could bring you down,
you were experiencing an holistic balanced happy state, starting with your spiritual aspect which in turns runs into the mental state which becomes a emotional state and then a physical state of being this is what holistic healing is all about bringing all those aspects of mind body and spirit into harmony,

now back to burning candles

back before electricity was invented burning a candle was the only means of light.

Light that kept the darkness at bay .....this can mean physically and spiritually of cause and our ancestors would of had many uses for candles, light was a form of magic and would eliminate anything that would be hidden in the darkness
now we don't really burn candles for light anymore but they did create light, heat and hope to our ancestors and we still turn to burning a candle for those very same reasons today

candles are lit for so many purposes through ritual or day to day living like lighting the candles on a birthday cake in celebration, or in remembrance of those that have passed, how many of us have lit a candle to remember a loved one or to send healing to someone in need. tbh i find it difficult to walk past the tealight candles in a church without lighting at least one, i usually content at about five!.

some folk generally wiccan or pagan burn candles on a day to day basis to set an intention for the day. Candles can also be used to create a relaxing or romantic mood maybe even to fragrance a space.
In these acts alone they improve our spiritual, emotional and mental health states by helping us to cope and giving us a space and time to release and heal stress & grief that when kept within can begin to affect us deeply and create imbalanced and dis-ease,

candle massage

How burning candles can help with your spiritual practices & attract spirit guides

Chakra Candles are excellently suitable for rituals; the colour stands for a specific Chakra. The flame or fire (Agni) stands for three properties: light, warmth and progression. The light of the flame is symbolic for the Soul's light or the clear mind.

when working spiritually you can burn candles to attract guides i have one client whose guide comes very close to her when she burns one of my sacral chakra candles that has the essential oil cedar infused within the candle
the cedar oil helps her to draw her guide to her when she needs to get in contact through meditation, its like she's calling her spirit guide on the phone, so candles can be part of our tool kit when we would like a bit of extra help with relaxation and making contact with spirit and our higher selves.

many spiritual religions use candles a very interesting use of candles in DIWALI or Deepavali, means the "festival of lights" is an ancient Hindu, sikhism & jainism festival celebrated in autumn (northern hemisphere) or spring (southern hemisphere) every year. Families celebrate the triumph of good over evil by lighting candles & oil lamps

Image result for diwali

Ideas on how to use a candle to reduce stress and increase happiness.

think of something that makes you happy- light a candle and visualize your happy thought on every level what would it feel like to have that in your life, what would it sound like, would it have a scent? use as many of your senses to visualize

gratitude for something you already have, light a candle and give thanks for something you already have, you may not realise just how much you have right now, this world is always driving us to have "stuff" we forget we already have much to be grateful for

removal of something you don't want. eg stress, look into your candle and think about what is making you feel the way you do, everytime you breath out feel that stress leaving your body and the flame burning that which you do not need or want anymore away from you, then blow or put out the candle

as an extension to the above visualization you can add on the following
when your ready after breathing out, when you breath in feel the warmth of the candle flame re energizing your being, once finished put out the candle

Types of candles

over the years i've have burnt my way through many candles of various shapes, sizes and fragrances, i started to burn them less when i discovered the effect they had on my walls and ceilings then i found out why my ceilings were so sooty and my walls discoloured!

i was using paraffin wax candles!
years ago we didn't have the choice we have today of soy, palm oil or beeswax candles
it was paraffin or beeswax like it or lump it!
now beeswax was a very expensive candle (still is!) compared to its affordable paraffin distant cousin, we were never really educated on why this is or why its even worth paying extra (trust me its really worth paying more) now there is a lot of info out there on the negative effects of paraffin candles so i'm going to keep this brief ...

paraffin candles are toxic, paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum yes that is indeed petrol, do you really wont to burn petrol in your home ... enough said!

if you have any paraffin candles in your home and you simply cant bare the thought of throwing them out try and burn them outside where you will not be so vulnerable to inhaling them,inhalation can cause or exacerbate respiratory tract disorders such as asthma and even lung conditions

beeswax candles
lovely bees they really do so much for us.
worker bee

"bees transform the light from the sun into wax and when we burn the candle we free the light again from the sun and the bee"
Beeswax costs around 10 times more than paraffin. It is estimated that the bees must fly 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to produce six pounds of honey just to secrete one pound of wax. And for every 100 pounds of honey harvested, the beekeeper can only obtain about 1-2 pounds of the beeswax.
now you can see why they are so expensive being a hell of a lot rarer than paraffin!

beeswax is the very best you can get there is nothing that is exactly the same
they are totally chemical free

beeswax candles burn the brightest and the longest they
burn cleanly(when the wick is trimmed to the correct length)
they also release negative ions cleansing and purify the air , so are good for those with asthma and respiratory conditions and allergies so the complete opposite to paraffin

i really love beeswax and i do have a far amount of them, i save them for very special occasions which means i hardly use them, i do also feel sorry for the over worked bees so i really appreciate any bees wax candles i buy,
beeswax candles are also so expensive i had to find an alternative environmentally more affordable option.

when i opened crystal angel wings one of the ethos in doing so was to have that personal touch from someone that is conscious about the world and isn't in it just for the money! i wanted to improve people's health and i wanted to also do it whilst being fair trade and rule out as much as i could cruelty from the items i sell not just to humans but to animals and to the planet in general.
I searched for a long time when it came to candles, candles are not always what they seem often suppliers do not give enough information and can call a candle beeswax even if it was only 10% beeswax and 90% paraffin
my candles are a 100% and i do not personally use or supply paraffin i simply refuse to trade any paraffin candles and i've disregarded many attractive candles due to the paraffin content or the shady ingredients list

Soybean Candles
soy candles are also non toxic, shoot free so clean burning for your home and respiratory system, you also find soybean is used for massage candles which combined with essential oil help to relieve joint pain and skin conditions


palm oil /stearin wax Candles
stearin is another name for palm oil or palm wax
palm oil comes from the berries of the fruit from the palm oil tree, it is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled, paraffin candles involve solvent extraction using petroleum chemicals like hexane.
palm oil candles are an affordable alternative to the more expensive beeswax candles they share the same benefits but may not burn for quite as long
the candles i have used burn very cleanly with most of the waxed used (not like paraffin where half the candle wax is left or your having to cut your pillar candles) i've personally tried the ones in my shop myself to make sure they are up to par a lot of the candles i supply have a burn time of a 100 hours

palm oil is one i was very careful about as i'm sure you may of seen the utter devastation to the forests,animals & human cost, after much searching i found a fantastic supplier whose palm oil is certified and has nothing to do with the above misery if you would like to check the supplier of the palm oil click here

By using certified palm oil and durable packing materials, the candles

i supply are an environment-friendly product.

As much as possible, production of the candles is done by hand; this

way offering a guaranteed job for as many people in impoverished

areas as possible. Eighty percent of the employees are female. for

our current range of ethical candles click here


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