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Rose Quartz Thumb Worry Stone

4.99 low in stock! SOLD OUT

A lovely gentle energy in these two piece of soft pink Rose Quartz Thumb Worry Stone chosen specially for you by hand we don't buy in bulk we are more about quality

thumb stones are excellent relaxing tools for when you you're feeling stressed out, anxious or just in need of relaxation they help to re focus your attention back where it needs to be so also good for meditation.

thumb stones have a slight indentation you can rub the crystal between your forefinger and thumb, its a very relaxing experience if you haven't tried it you will be surprised just how well worry stones work
perfect for carrying around in your pocket, mobile stress & anxiety relief the natural way

44mm by 40mm approx
weight 27g approx

*please note that crystals are natural items they may have what we would call "slight defects" this does not mean they are rejects , if you are looking for a perfect crystal please contact us first before buying so we can make sure you are not disappointed*

Crystal properties of Rose quartz in brief
Rose quartz is a crystal of authentic love it teaches us to care for ourselves especially when one is prone to always "putting others before ourselves"
gives inner peace, tranquility, healing
rose quartz has a reputation as being a very gentle crystal this in most cases is true, however it can on odd occasions create a huge release of emotions, rose quartz is generally a very supportive stone full of unconditional love and teaches us to to have unconditional love for ourselves and others, it soothes and heals old wound and teaches forgiveness

for more information on the properties of rose quartz click here

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