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Puja and rituals table Pentagram & moons

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Puja and rituals table Pentagram & moons


15x15x11.5 cm


Puja and rituals table with Pentagram and two crescent moons

stunning unique Small wooden table covered with a layer of aluminum representing the energies of the moon and wonderfully carved with the pentagram protection and moon symbols.

For decoration and rituals.

magical workings can be as individual as you wish but heres a little guide of how you may use your ritual table

1, clear and cleanse you working space
2, cleanse yourself by taken a bath or shower relax you mind and body
3, place a cloth on the area you wish to work be it on the floor or on a table, a cloth with a pentagram already marked upon it is perfect keep this cloth for spiritual workings only
4, if you have any spiritual clothes or would like to work sky clad nows the time
5, place a ritual table/altar at the fifth point
6, you can place any items you wish on your altar, traditionally you would place a representation on the elements on your altar,

chalice or cauldron for water
incense or feather for air
crystal or a stone, salt or soil for earth
candle for fire

Because Wiccans believe that everything is connected, they use symbols that combine more than one element, like the pentagram. One example of a combined elemental symbol is salt water, commonly used in purification rituals. Wine combines features of earth as well as water, and a wooden wand may represent air, fire, or both. Wiccan Dale Hyde suggests that colored candles can actually represent all four elements, with red for fire, green or brown for earth, blue for water and yellow for air.

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