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Prabhuji Herbal Resin Incense Ramakrishnananda's Gifts Resin - Lakshmi (Money & Prosperity) - 2.4 oz.

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Ramakrishnananda's / prabhuji Gifts Resin - Lakshmi (Money & Prosperity) - 2.4 oz.

Prabhuji's Gifts Herbal Resin Incense is formulated in accordance to ancient wisdom, and blessed to create a sensual and attractive environment

This rich and exotic blend of Resins, Herbs, Oils, and more is the first of its kind. Made to be burned over charcoal like traditional resins like Frankincense. Look over the ingredients and you will begin to get a hint of the exceptional fragrance awaiting you and is now certified Vegan. (but please dont eat it!)

Each jar contains approx 3 ounces of resin mix and is as much of a treat to look at as it its to smell: glistening chunks of resins studded with herbs, seeds and many other natural, colorful and fragrant ingredients.

Contains: Frankincense, Myrrh, Honey, Cedar, Rosemary, Lavender, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Pine, Arabian Buhur, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Amber, Natural and Scented Oils..


the aromas that these incense granules provide are just exquisite but care must be taken when burning it may not sound difficult to use resin but from personal experience you can ruin beautiful burners as a beginner

Incense burners that are made from hard wood and protected by varnish will not catch fire by coming in touch with the hot ash falling from a stick of incense. these burners are not suitable for resin incense, you must use fireproof burners made of ceramic, stone or metal as the heat is significantly stronger please see our resin bowls which are suitable

place a few granules onto burning charcoal

there is no general danger in burning it extensively. However, each person has their own preferences and sensitivities, and we recommend you to be attentive to your body and follow what you are comfortable with.

most resins are 100% natural, while some are a minimum 98-99% natural, with the 1-2 additional percents being non toxic.

click here see our resin burners or here for our quick light charcoal disks

The beautiful history behind this range of resin

prabhuji's Gifts (formerly Ramakrishnananda's Gifts), felt inspired to spread the magical power of fragrance along with the beauty of the Eastern spiritual wisdom, for the welfare of all.

the prabhuji range of natural products comes from different spiritual origins, including incense from Hindu and Buddhist heritages, sage traditionally used by Native Americans, herbal resin used by shamans, scents including frankincense and myrrh used in Christian practices, and attar oils of Muslim origin. This variety of sources reflects their message of love and tolerance for all religions and human beings, seeing one Divinity behind all names and forms. which is exactly the way we feel here at Crystal Angel Wings so we just had to include these resins to our range not to mention they smell wonderful too

Their products carry a special touch of spiritual energy, which their satisfied customers often testify, as they are filled with sincere devotion, infused with sacred mantras, and contain aromatic items that are selected individually to calm the mind and purify the heart.

each resin has been personally examined by Prabhuji, who carefully tests their effects during meditation, choosing those which are especially beneficial to purify and balance the mind, and provide ideal surroundings for spiritual practice.

While many of their products aim to help one achieve goals and fulfill desires, others, such as the classic incense line, are not directed toward any specific goal but rather are intended to be offered to the Divine with an open heart and an attitude of giving, renunciation of all expectations and with complete trust that the Divine will give exactly what is needed. They are also not intended to be offered to a specific deity so there are no rules on who, what and where totally up to you if you wish to call in the energy a particular deity you are free to do so

Traditional and Natural Products
The ingredients of their products come from the finest choices of herbs and flowers that are hand-picked and dried naturally under the sun. Their products also include numerous spices, essential oils, natural resins, and more.

These herbs were chosen and used by the masters of different spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Shamanism, Judeo-Christianity, Native American, Buddhism, etc, who studied their various qualities, combining them in numerous ways to create certain atmospheres and moods, optimizing the conditions for inner growth.

In addition to their exquisite fragrances, many of the natural ingredients in their products have excellent medicinal qualities that enhance them with vitality and power.

Their Natural Certifications
Prabhuji's Gifts is getting greener by the day! Not only are they striving to offer you an ever-increasing variety of natural and socially conscious products, their business has reduced its own carbon footprint and increased its financial commitment to humanitarian projects.

They strongly believe that as we create harmony with our environment, we find peace and balance in ourselves. As Prabhuji says in his book Yoga Union with Reality: "When we cut down forests, contaminate water sources and destroy the ozone layer, we are actually damaging ourselves by incurring an imbalance in the cosmic body, of which we are an inseparable part. The fact cannot be ignored that one who alters the cosmic order will sooner or later be affected himself, because damage to nature is damage to ourselves." we couldn't agree more prabhuji!

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