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Indigo Mystic Merlinite Palm Stone

9 quantity:  

Indigo Mystic Merlinite is a relative newcomer to the metaphysical world ,ours are chosen specially for you with love and by hand
you will receive the crystal in the picture, please feel free to tune into the crystal photographed they do love to connect with you!

(we've had quite a delay with featuring these interesting palm stones on the website,having not been very happy with the quality of photos,we like to take our pictures in good quality natural daylight and it's just been rain rain and more rain here with very brief hits of sunshine, which we've now just managed to finally catch yay!!! so here they are we hope you enjoy them)

How would i use a palm stone?

palm stones have a few uses- one way of working with them is as a relaxation tool for when you are feeling stressed, anxious or just in need of some kind of peace and relaxation they help to re- focus your mind/attention back to where it needs to be so also good for meditation practices.

so get rubbing a palm stone between your fingers it's a very relaxing experience if you haven't tried it you will be surprised just how well palm stones work
perfect for carrying around in your pocket, on the go mobile & natural stress & anxiety relief

this palmstone measures (MM01)
47mm by 34mm approx
weight 36g

an interesting crystal that is suitable for newcomers and experienced crystal workers alike
highly spiritual and an excellent grounding crystal, its perfect for keeping well grounded whilst working with those higher chakras including the transpersonal chakra system
created by fire inside volcanoes and then found in the oceanic crust - water
an interesting blend of fire & water energy whilst being deeply grounding,
a crystal of magic and protection

spiritual properties of Indigo mystic merlinite
helps to keep you well grounded clears your energies and then puts up a protective shield around you protecting and cutting out of your energy EMF, WIFI, and lower energies you may find disturbing or toxic
if you are undertaking soul retrieval this crystal is greatly beneficial in helping you to reclaim and become whole.

physical healing properties for mystic merlinite
helps to treat "hot flushes"

emotion & emotional properties for Indigo Mystic Merlinite
helps you to deal with deeply seated emotions that has been there a long time and are proving troublesome to shift, feeling confused indigo mystic merlinite will help you to find your way out

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