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Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage is a deeply valued therapy which has its original roots in India, many massage therapies ignore the head and neck completely which is strange as a lot of us hold tension in these areas the added anti aging benefits and drainage for the face is also a unspoken about bonus.

Indian Head Massage stimulates the lymphatic system improving the ability of the body to clear itself of toxins given you more energy and a greater feeling of good health.
this massage also improves the flow of blood to the skin greatly improving the skins appearance and providing that youthful glow

Indian Head Massage does not just concentrate on the head i also work on the top or full back releasing tension with relaxing massage strokes and pressure points the massage then moves on to the shoulders, arms and neck treatment times can be extended for a even deeper relaxing and detoxifying treatment

Indian Head Massage can provide very potent relief for the whole body
the movements on the scalp help to promotes healthy hair growth

regular treatments can help prevent headaches tension and increase energy it also will relax and help to tones the facial muscles the massage also helps with sinusitis and catarrh

Indian Head Massage can help prevent and also improve the following conditions- insomnia, eyestrain, headaches, anxiety, tension & symptoms of stress.
stiff and sore neck and shoulders easing out knotted muscles
circulation is improved helping in the removal of toxins and increasing the supply of oxygen to your cells
stretching of the neck and shoulders helps to improve mobility

Boosts memory capabilities

Often we have short-term memory difficulties because our brains are overloaded with the fast past of life, making it very difficult for us to absorb new experiences and information, our memory recall can also be effected

Indian Head Massage slows us down, allowing us to relax our mind, rest is restored and your abilities soon renewed

promotes a sense of total relaxation improving your health & well being

Indian Head Massage is suitable and beneficial for everybody, whatever the age!

we offer Indian Head Massage with a few variations

eg you may wish for more facial stimulation or help with neck strain, we tailor your treatment to you as a individual

here at Crystal Angel Wings we treat you as the individual you are, We are committed to helping you to improve you health and well being

we offer half an hour, 45 min or an hour, depending on how many of the above issues you'd like addressed.

It is a seated massage on a special massage chair or can be performed on a massage table working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face and can be applied through clothes or directly on to the skin using oil.

you may also choose from the following oils they all have their individual properties please click here for more information

and essential oils for the head the list in not comprehensive if there is a oil you wish to use that is not listed please let us know

if you have any special requirements or questions please don't hesitate to contact us or to include your special requirements in the box provided at checkout

*****if you have any illnesses or disease they will have to be stated before the massage takes place for some conditions a GP referral will be required *****

POSTAGE STATED IS FOR THE UK, OUTSIDE OF THE UK PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE Not all our items are available for collection from our shop/therapy room please ask us when you make contact to make your appointment so we can make the item available to you if possible



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