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Holistic Healing for Animals & Pets

holistic healing also greatly assists animals of all shapes and sizes
Tracy was treating our animal friends long before she started with people, in fact she has always had a natural strong connection to the animal kingdom and has and still is the guardian and friend to many fur children

Tracy has treated large animals from a horse to as small as a fish

like humans all animals have their individual needs and each animal is connected to in a way they feel comfortable with, sometimes this is done in person or distantly.

Tracy also tailor makes treatments to the needs of the animal she is working with, for instance it could be a mixture of crystals and reiki

to discuss your needs more please send us an enquiry below which will be forwarded to Tracy.

POSTAGE STATED IS FOR THE UK, OUTSIDE OF THE UK PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE Not all our items are available for collection from our shop/therapy room please ask us when you make contact to make your appointment so we can make the item available to you if possible

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