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Decorative Siting White Ganesh Figurine

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Decorative Siting White Ganesh Figurine

Buddha and Ganesh figures and figurines have many different meanings in many cultures and with our selection of collectable ornaments you will find something for every taste.

Whether you are using it for spiritual or decorative purposes we have a great range to choose from and being made from resin they are intricate in design.

Dimensions: Height 13.5cm Width 8.5cm Depth 8cm

ganesh, also known as Ganapati, is immediately recognizable and is one of the most distinctive within hinduism as the elephant-headed god, a large human body the head symbolizes the gaining of knowledge and wisdom through listening (ears) and reflection (his large head) he has two tusks one is perfect the other is broken this symbolizes perfection and imperfection. his pot belly has a number of symbolism attached to it but the one that resonates with me is the ability to digest all of life experiences, often large bellies are a sign of abundance and well-being.

Ganesha is shown with one leg on the ground and the other folded/bent as if he was meditating this symbolizes the balance between the physical and spiritual

as well as the remover of barriers and obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness. It is customary to begin cultural events, for example, by propitiating Ganesh, and older Sanskrit works invoked his name at their commencement. he is worshiped at the beginning of a any new venture such as a new business or a wedding.

Ganesh is said to have written down the Mahabharata from the dictation of Vyasa. He is the lord (Isa) of the Ganas or troops of inferior deities, but more well-known as the son of Shiva and Parvati.

the symbolism of some of the objects associated with him.

In his hands he holds such objects as a rope or noose, to trap the things which attract the mind to the world, and a goad or iron hook, to represent the need to control desires. But he is also typically shown with a bowl of sweetmeats representing earthly prosperity and well-being. He may also be shown with an axe or trident, both of which link him with shiva.. Other symbolic objects which may be associated with Ganesha are a shell, water lily, mace and discus.

He is pictured with four arms symbolizing such aspects of Hinduism as the four Vedas (ancient sacred books), the four aims of Hinduism and the four stages of life.

His vehicle is a rat or a mouse as these creatures are known for their ability to gnaw through barriers. The combination of the elephant and the rat or mouse ensures that all obstacles, of whatever size, are removed. The fact that a rat/mouse and food are often shown around or under his feet has also been interpreted as reflecting the idea that desires and wealth are both under his control.

As god of wisdom he is invoked at the beginning of books and may be shown holding a tusk as a pen since he is regarded as the writer of the scriptures and hence the patron of schools and of the written word.

The custom of placing an image of Ganesha at doorways recalls the story of his courage in defending his mother. The stories about the loss of his head all tend to agree that it was replaced by that of the first living animal that came along, which was an elephant.

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