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Crystal Formations-how to identify and work with a DOW Crystal also know as a trans-channeler

posted on 22 February 2015 | posted in crystal formations  | ( 0 ) Comments

There are a few extra special formations that can be found primarily on quartz crystal these formations are believed to determine the qualities of that particular quartz we are going to focus on the formation known as a Dow crystal a trans-channeler or a temple heart crystal
a DOW crystal combines the properties of a TRANSMITTER crystal & a CHANNELER crystal in one, a dow crystal is very rare at present ive only ever had the pleasure of holding one.

to identify any formation we first must focus on the crystal faces (also known as facets), a crystal will have 6 faces/facets which makes up the top part of a crystal point, we also need to count the sides of each crystal face
the great thing about identifying a dow crystal is 3 of the crystal faces will have three sides, which makes a triangle making a dow easy to spot

three sided dow crystal face

The Dow crystal can easily be identified by the specific geometry of the six faces/ facets which form the termination or point of the crystal. The specific geometry you're looking for is 7,3,7,3,7,3. the facets will alternate between having three sides, and seven sides. If the geometry of the facets forming the point do not exhibit this exact geometry, it isn't a Dow crystal
crystal dow 7,3
A dow crystal with three, primary, seven-sided faces and three secondary triangular faces between them

A Dow crystal has all the properties of a channeling crystal, but can also transmit energy and information. It is the crystal for creativity and service to humanity through both spiritual and mystical pursuits. It is considered one of the "Twelve Master Crystals" and is a powerful teaching and healing crystal A wonderful crystal to have in a healing space.

When used in meditation the Dow crystal enables a smoother, easier communication link with our higher selves, or any other entities we may be in communication with. It aids in the suppressing of mental static & chatter which can intrude into meditations, further it promotes clarity in all communications during meditation.

An excellent exercise is to sit with a friend, each of you programme the crystal with a clear thought/message and then swap over and see if you can get the information. Regular practice with a friend will speed up your understanding of crystals heightening your intuition.

a Dow crystal is all about balancing energies, if you are aware of a chakra that has become unbalanced place the Dow on the chakra that needs balancing
eg you may be feeling low in energy -place the dow on you navel/solar plexus chakra area, to add extra zest you may wish to surround the dow with four citrine crystals

DOW crystals and healing the HEART

healing a damaged heart

Dow crystals can be a tremendous help with healing issues of the heart chakra. The Dow geometry mirrors that of the trinity, which denotes completion through unconditional love. Very often, this mirror of loving perfection is all the heart chakra needs to throw off blockages caused by negative memories. Dow crystals can be powerful tools to assist us in disassociating from the pain we feel as we over-identify with the sufferings of others, and the woes of our world. By working with Dow crystals, they help us understand that everything exists in a state of perfection which can shift awareness and change our understanding of suffering. Instead of identifying with the suffering of others and taking that on as our own burden, Dow crystals help us to identify with, and become that perfection.

A Dow

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