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Copal Resin Incense (spells) 25g

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Copal Resin supplied in approx 25g bags
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A good resin for cleansing crystals particularly before working with them for magical purposes with a suitable resin burner

When smoldered on charcoal it produces a rich, delicious, piney-lemony fragrance. Copal is North America's equivalent of Frankincense. used as incense in religious and magical ceremonies for hundreds of years,

using copal in your magical practises
Copal was particularly sacred to the Mayan and Aztec peoples, and was often burned during their ceremonies. Young amber is called copal,
because it is YOUNG, it brings recharging and rejuvenation energy when working with copal amber in magic charms and potions.

It is also a shamanistic oil for spiritual purification and the cultivation of a peaceful heart.

Practical uses...
ward off negative energy with a mojo bag for protection can be made by combining copal, frankincense, and myrrh. Copal is excellent for smudging and is often used in sweat lodge ceremonial gatherings. creates a relaxed mellow, magical atmosphere to work in.

Properties Of Copal (just a few)
Removal of energy blockages
Creates altered states of consciousness.
Stimulates psychic abilities and amplifies those abilities.
Amplifies entire energy field
Absorbs negative energies and helps the body heal itself
Clears depression

How Do I Burn Resin

here is a technique you might like to try. it can deliver more of a pure incense fragrance and less of the burnt smell you can get if too much heat is used.

First of all please remember and take care that burning anything can be hazardous so take precautions and keep children and animals well away.

1. Light your charcoal disc as normal.

2. Often you will find instructions telling you to wait until the disc is covered with white ash before adding the resin this is where our technique differs since we believe that gives far too hot a burn. Instead, light the disc and allow the white ash to develop around the outer edge (so the well in the centre is still black).

3. At this stage, fill the well in the charcoal disc with normal household salt (to just below the rim).

4. Place a single (reasonable sized grain of resin in the centre of the well and allow it to melt naturally. This will generally soak downward into the disc and will leave a small hole in the salt layer. It is into this hole that you feed pieces of resin as the need arises.

5. You should find that this creates a relatively cool spot in the centre of the burning disc and this produces high quality incense vapours without that awful burning smell.

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