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Ruby Rose Aura Flame Quartz Mother & Child + Time link Crystals

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ruby aura crystal is sooo difficult to get hold of especially the really deep ruby red aura which is almost impossible to find.

This crystal is said to be ruby aura but our crystal healer feels its more a cross between rose aura & ruby aura and has a high vibrational frequency, any kind of aura quartz is generally expensive due to the cost of the precious metals involved in the bonding process in ruby auras case the metals of gold & silver are used.

because those precious metals were used in the process of making this crystal coupled with the vibrational energy this crystal possesses, we are calling the crystal ruby rose aura quartz, as such it will have the healing properties of both ruby and rose aura beautifully tempered together

Tracy our crystal healer says.....
i've recently had the pleasure of working with ruby -rose aura for the first time, i work intuitively with each crystal and as soon as i took this sweet thing into my hand i felt a whoosh of mother energy coupled with the two smaller crystals at her base which i totally saw as her children they were flourishing from her protection, strength, wisdom & love. symbolically this represents someone very loving (definitely a mothering person who gives so unconditionally and often don't put their own needs first)

i also discovered a small time link activator on one of the children depending on how you would like to work with the crystal you can use this to heal past traumas that have happened to you in childhood

intuitively i feel ruby rose aura crystal
will be very useful for helping to heal those dealing with lack of self love in all forms, this ruby-rose aura crystal feels supportive caring and gentle anyone dealing with a wounded heart would benefit from having a highly loving supporting crystal which incorporates a grounding element, the grounding elements helps those that may get a little carried away in love this could be giving to the wrong people or not seeing clearly and have found this action to not be the right course for them.

photos have been taken in natural low level light and some with artificial light

Ruby aura Emotional Healing properties
helps to regulate the emotional .Heals primarily on the First (Base/Root) and Second (Sacral) Chakras. especially healing with issues related to conflicts between emotions and one's basic needs, can help find the root cause of deep seated emotional issues from childhood

Rose Aura Emotional Healing properties
rose aura quartz is a really high vibrational emotionally healing crystal, improves personal self love by gently removing any long held beliefs that are preventing you from finding your sense of worth, rose aura also helps you to see and connect better with all the love you already have in your life that can often be often much harder to see in tough times, helps you to love unconditionally whilst loving and being fair to yourself.

Ruby Aura physical Healing properties
I find ruby aura to be a crystal of excellence for relieving menstrual pain and pain associated with IBS placing this crystal on the effected area, if you like to work exclusively with color when working with crystals you may feel this is a crystal just for the root chakra, however it works very well on the sacral and the heart chakra
heals pain in the back, feet, hips spine, and legs.

rose aura physical healing properties
energy enhancing

spiritual Healing properties of Ruby Aura
promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection to spirit
Ruby can be worn or carried to provide focus for Universal Life Force energy to enter your spirit
it also helps to maintain psychic energies. It can assist in purifying and correcting disoriented, trapped energy dissolving the accumulation of negative energy vibrations. It is an excellent stone for releasing blockages and plugging leakages of energy from the chakras ruby aura also transmute negative energy away from the aura.
an essential tool for a psychic medium helps to magnify protective energy when working with spirit also provides help when connecting and transmitting information to and from spirit/spirit guides. It assists in increasing perception and intuition.

rose aura spiritual healing properties

heals cellular memory from your current life & multi-dimensional

Mental healing properties for Ruby Aura
a stone of passion and vitality
ruby aura will aid you in finding new paths in life and giving you the energy you need to walk those paths. Ruby aura is also very protective, especially so in times of upheaval and turmoil, and against aggression and violence.helpful for overcoming survival issues of all kinds and cleansing the base/root chakra

rose aura mental healing properties

rose aura works mentally with the pineal gland to remove outdated thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward and experiencing the love you deserve to give to yourself

How is Aura Quartz created
aura quartz is created from clear quartz infused with pure gold, silver, platinum, titanium, copper and iron The process uses only electricity to deposit the titanium layers. Since only electricity is used to create these colors, very little heat is involved and the integrity of the crystal is maintained. The bonding process creates a layer over the quartz this coating cannot be removed once this process is complete thus becoming part of the crystal and adding to the healing properties
The crystal does not become brittle or prone to breakage as with other enhancements. The method in no way harms the environment with hazardous chemicals or byproducts the bonding process creates a layer over the quartz this coating cannot be removed once this process is complete thus becoming part of the crystal and adding to the healing properties

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