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Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Tumblestones


Tracy our healing therapist at crystal angel wings personally hand selects each and every crystal for quality, size, colour & energy

they are perfect sizes to carry around on your person, using as a crystal therapy/meditation crystal or for a crystal grid

photographed are the crystals of our current stock if a particular crystal calls out as being the one you wish to work with let us know (we will send this crystal to you if still in stock) or we can intuitively send the correct crystal for you to work with.

Crystal properties of Rose quartz in brief
Rose quartz is a crystal of authentic love it teaches us to care for ourselves especially when one is prone to always "putting others before ourselves"
gives inner peace, tranquility, healing
rose quartz has a reputation as being a very gentle crystal this in most cases is true, however it can on odd occasions create a huge release of emotions, rose quartz is generally a very supportive stone full of unconditional love, it soothes and heals old wound and teaches forgiveness

rose quartz opens the heart chakra and upper heart chakra to love on all levels

rose quartz is a fabulous crystal to work with children and babies tracy has worked with many children that have trouble sleeping and rose quartz is a excellent crystal to help with this

(crystal should be positioned out of reach from young children when not supervised)

interesting fact- scientists still don't know how rose quartz gets it lovely pink hue!

Rose Quartz encourages feelings of peace and calm. It provides us with emotional support when we most need it and it engenders positive responses. It heightens our self esteem and is a comforting crystal reducing the fears that accompany pain and injury. Do be aware, however, that for all it calming and soothing properties, Rose Quartz can also be quite a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions.
its a essential crystal for anyone's kit and the perfect crystal to give as a gift

.Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love, both for ourselves and for others. It provides a sense of peace in which we can concentrate on the spiritual aspects of our lives too.

Rose Quartz helps in releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body, relieving stress and tension and also helps to diminish burns and relieve blistering. It can help to relieve the symptoms of vertigo and also helps with the kidneys and adrenal glands.
place rose quartz around your home to create a comforting and loving energy in your living space, especially useful for your bedroom, create a grid under your bed to bring in more romantic love with a existing or new relationship

POSTAGE STATED IS FOR THE UK, OUTSIDE OF THE UK PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE Not all our items are available for collection from our shop/therapy room please ask us when you make contact to make your appointment so we can make the item available to you if possible



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