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7.50 low in stock! Just 1 left in stock!

As you can see from my photos the stones have iron filings attached which visually proves it truly is lodestone, these iron filings are often referred to as "food" lodestone doesn't need food as such.

each lodestone is approx 3 - 4 cms
and weight ranges from 75g to 93g

please let me know if you would prefer your stone with "food" otherwise it will be sent without.

take care of your lodestone as if the rock is dropped it will lose its magnetism, we pack them really well to keep them protected on their way to you so please take care of your crystal and your crystal will take care of you :)

Caution, the pieces of magnetite/lodestone we sell are magnetic please do not store them near electronic equipment such as any computer device, bank cards or anything else affected by magnets

personally, hand selected natural lodestone. no bought in bulk stones

the picture is of current stock, we also have smaller tumbles sized lodestones in stock please look under tumbled stones

if there is a stone you prefer please message me and if still available I will be happy to supply your preferred stone. this offer stands for all the crystals on the website when more than one is pictured or if your looking for something, in particular, be in shape or size please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to source whatever you need

Lodestone healing effects on the Mind
lodestone can help us to relieve ourselves from some of the burdens that we carry, it also helps us when we have become over-attached to someone or something. it promotes objectivity and helps us to extricate ourselves from bad situations. it shows us the path in our life that we should be following and provides us with energy and the endurance we need to do so. lodestone has an "attracting" energy and helps to bring us love, power and good fortune. it is said to bring us that which we want. so be very careful what you wish for as you may get exactly that! it increases our levels of motivation and self-confidence and is useful in reducing feelings of anger, fear, confusion and grief

Lodestones healing effects on the Body
lodestone is believed to help with aches and pains in our muscles, problems with our circulatory system to boost our immune system, it is also said to help to heal with skin and hair problems it also has strengthening effects on the auric field and helps rid the body of toxins, lodestone can also be used to charge pyramids and crystal formations when placed at corners, this placement may more than double the grid power

Lodestones properties for the Spirit
an excellent stone for grounding, it aligns all the chakras much like kyanite, lodestone helps to balance out yin/yang or male/female energies. it has long been used as a talisman and amulets to protect from spells and all things evil.
lodestone also helps us to increase our ability to meditate, to be more telepathic and to see visualizations.

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