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Crystal Formations-how to identify and work with a DOW Crystal also know as a trans-channeler

posted on 22 February 2015 in crystal formations

There are a few extra special formations that can be found primarily on quartz crystal these formations are believed to determine the qualities of that particular quartz we are going to focus on the ...more info >>>

History of Imbolc lore (FEBRUARY) pagan festival sabbat

posted on 29 January 2015 in pagan

Imbolc,Imbolc Lore (Usually February 1st/2nd) This Sabbat marks the early beginnings of spring. The longer days rejuvinate the Goddess after giving birth to the God, and the suns new warmth brings fer...more info >>>

Angelic Reiki Healing Session FAQ

posted on 4 January 2015 in healing- reiki-angelic

Several things happen during a angelic reiki session. Initially, you'll have a few minutes to talk with your angelic Reiki practitioner to discuss any concerns, questions or medical complaints you may...more info >>>

That mysterious green moss stuff in clear quartz ...all about chlorite

posted on 21 September 2014 in crystal healing

Chlorite is a green inclusion often found in quartz, every time i look at this fab mineral i feel the connection very strongly with nature its mossy lichen appearance brings to mind grounding and clea...more info >>>

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