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posted on 24 March 2016 | posted in crystal healing  | ( 2 ) Comments

If your new to crystals and to Crystal healing or you've heard a friend or loved one discussing about these wonderful shinny things your probably wondering DO CRYSTALS WORK & HOW DO CRYSTALS HEAL?
is it all crazy new age woo woo!?

Here at crystal angel wings we strongly believe that crystals do work Tracy our CCH (certified crystal healer) has been working with crystals for many years now and has kindly shared a few of her experiences with us - but before we get into that, how about a little bit of crystal history.

It is the ancient Greeks who we have to thank for our English word "Crystal". They used to believe that Clear Quartz or Rock Quartz was ice that was frozen so hard that it would never ever melt again. Their name for this phenomenon was "Krystallos".

From civilizations as ancient as the Mayans and the Egyptians, as diverse as Far Eastern cultures and Native American cultures, and as far apart as Australian Aborigines and European peoples, all have used crystals, gemstones and minerals in both their spiritual rituals and in their physical healing practices.

Today the practice of using stones and crystals continues you will often hear the term "new age" for crystal healing but in fact its "very old age" modern medicine has its roots in crystal healing, surprised?!.

Its not just tribal people and shamanic doctors that use crystals in their spiritual practises, literally thousands and thousands of "ordinary people", just like me and you, who live all over the planet have experienced some extraordinary results.

So to get back to answering the question we asked at the top of the page,

"So, do crystals really work - I mean do they really really work?"

i know this sounds strange to some but here at crystal angel wings we would say yes they definitely do work, and we have listened to so many stories from past customers, clients and friends have related to us concerning their many beneficial effects not to mention our own experiences .

So the next question is "How do crystals work?"

Certainly to me there seems to be a combination of reasons why crystals should have the beneficial effects upon us that they most certainly do.

There are 4 reasons (there are others but these are at the top of the list.)

Reason Number 1 - crystals have a scientifically proven electrical charge
did you know that members of the quartz family have an electrical charge within their crystal structure and many other crystals and minerals display this property also. it isn't an enormous charge that will give you a shock if you were to pick up the crystal! But rather, a very, very small charge that is only measurable with the correct instruments. maybe this is a charge that those sensitive to crystal energies feel?

In fact just by placing your crystal onto any surface it will be working for you. there are teachings out there that a crystal needs to be activated to work, i feel this depends on the crystal and the person its with, to me crystals have levels, the lowest level, i'm going to call this the "under world" and the very highest level the "heavens"
i feel crystals are always working at the level of "under world" and as such can always be felt and are always working at that base level but they may become "more activated" by certain energies eg this could be a change in earth energies or even cosmos (depending on crystal type)

Now, within each of our own bodies we all have millions, if not billions, of cells each with it's own tiny electrical charge within it. If something is wrong with a particular part of our body, could it be that something has disturbed the electrical balance of our cells in the affected area?

It is not unreasonable to come to the assumption that the microscopic electrical charge from a crystal, when held or placed against an affected part of the body, could perhaps "balance" the body's own charge and thus helping to give our body a chance to heal itself.

The body's own Electromagnetic field could be "balanced" to the extent that very beneficial changes may bring about an improvement in health, be that physical, mental/emotional or spiritual.

Reason Number 2- color frequency & Chakra`s
Over 3,000 years ago people living in present day Tibet and India, "discovered", if that is the right word, or at least came to an understanding of, the energy portal points on the body that today we call Chakras, our chakras are portals into the energy system of the universe they allow energy in and out, with the assistance of crystal we can keep these energy portals in tip top condition allowing beneficial energy in and detrimental stagnant energy to be released thus preventing a whole host of dis-ease.

Each of these points vibrates to a different colour frequency,
Crown - Violet
Third Eye - Indigo
Throat - Blue
Heart - Green (and Pink)
Solar Plexus - Yellow
Sacral Chakra - Orange
The Base or Root Chakra - Red

The colour of individual crystals resonates with the colour of each Chakra energy portal and can bring that energy portal back into balance.

For example,The red of red jasper is good for back issues and issues of a sexual nature the yellow of Citrine is good for Stomach problems IBS & food disorders. The Pink of Rose Quartz is good for soothing the emotions keeping you calm and relaxed and feeling loved. The Blue of Lapis Lazuli makes for a ideal meditation stone with which to contact ones spiritual side.

chakra spread

Reason Number 3 - Go on pick that Crystal up you will feel better for it! (not really a reason but it should be)
In our own experience while preparing to give a therapy to a client, on a course or personal development class or even when exhibiting at events we notice that a large number of people pick up a crystal and then will start talking to us, or to their friend, about their problems. It's as if holding and/or caressing the crystal actually does something for them helping them to release that which is holding them back from being in balance, as if somehow just holding the crystal makes them "feel better" or "loosen up" in some way.

Crystals are very tactile! And so many people find them comforting simply to hold, to touch and to stroke.

simply holding a crystal without any intention works for some people, however setting a intention is far more powerful

Reason Number 4- Making Use Of Universal energy with crystals and meditation

The 4th main way that Crystals can help you along your life's path is to bring to you their "Universal Power" or "Universal Energy". They can undoubtedly awaken your spiritual side.

If you already meditate, try meditating with a Crystal in your hands. If you don't already meditate at all, try it!

People often say to us, "Oh, but I haven't got the time to meditate!". These people of course, are exactly the people who need to meditate, permanently rushing around they may feel they have little time but you would be surprised just how effective a short meditation can be not just for crystals but to your health in general , start off small say 1 minute and build up.

There seems to be little doubt that meditating upon, or simply "thinking" upon a stone, that losing yourself in its interior, that allowing yourself to receive messages from it, really does calm you down and can help with mental and emotional problems - if only providing time for you to think about things!

Don't forget the spiritual side of Crystals. They have patterns and pictures on their surfaces that can transport you to another world. They have textures that you can stroke, rub, handle and that can fire your imagination!

They truly do seem to have connections to other places.

* * * * * * *

The above 4 reasons seem to us to be the main reasons for the effectiveness of Crystal Healing. You of course, may have others - and that's fine too!

Don't forget though, that if you buy a Crystal that you love from crystal angel wings you will need to "work with it" - we don't like to say that you should "use it". Would you "use" a friend - No, of course not, you'd "work with them in a loving manner" well crystals are no exception here they too are allies and the best relationships always come from a loving respectful mind set, the sooner you are able to "love & cherish" your crystals for a higher good the sooner you will hugely benefit from there wisdom and healing

If you simply buy a Crystal from us, or from anyone else, and then just get home and leave it on your dressing table without ever giving it another look except for the occasional dusting - you are not going to benefit from ALL the energies that your Crystal could be bringing to you.

When you get your Crystal home, at the very least give it a cleanse, and you perhaps may even want to consider programming it.

A little bit of science, does size matter when choosing your crystal....
does size matter in the crystal world? scientifically Small crystals and tumble stones generally have a small working radius and generally most therapists agree they should be touching or worn next to your skin for best effect. we generally use small tumble stones for our crystal healing sessions the energy is often felt more even when working with small crystals if you are working with a therapist that knows how to open your energetic frequency for deeper and quicker healing to take place

(science may say that the energy torus of a small crystal isn't as powerful Tracy has had quite a few crystals that have been very small but have really packed a powerful punch energy wise so if you are sensitive to energies you may not agree with science on this point)

Bigger crystals and bigger rough/natural pieces have a much larger working radius infact natural pieces generally have a better stronger working energy, these pieces are great for clearing and energising large spaces for instance a great crystal for a bedroom would be amethyst it helps to protect a space and is a very peaceful crystal it helps regulate sleep patterns so if your struggling to sleep try amethyst. our crystal therapist has quite a few amethyst church/cathedrals spaced around her bedroom as amethyst also helps those that work in the spiritual profession

amethyst cathedral next to bed

Work with your Crystal and it will repay you over and over again!

If you have any questions or concerns or simply want to know more information of the healing treatments we provide, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you and we love to hear about your experiences with crystals so please feel free to share


Crystal Angel Wings

For a qualified crystal therapist click here


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very interesting food for thought
by Hermes Jypsiere on 21 October 2014 13:34

Great article, horrible grammar
by Lela on 17 December 2017 19:26

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